Margra a Game Changer in the World of Lamb

On March 2020 the magazine had to temporarily shut down its activity due to the Pandemic. We couldn't go around to rate and review restaurants or luxury hotels as before. Only recently Travelscore Magazine publisher decided to move on an experimental and totally new path related only to USA. We are talking about the possibility to create your own restaurant gourmet menu at home. Indeed many companies which used to supply their selected food to restaurants had to turn their business also to home delivery. We have tried for you a very limited but excellent selection among those. 

Let's start with "MARGRA Lamb" a game changer in the world of lamb quality!  Margra Lamb has been bred to have a superior eating quality, like no lamb you 've ever tried before. This is thanks to fine micro-marbling found throughout each cut, which melts at a very low cooking temperature of 82-95°F and contributes to an unbelievably delicate taste. In addition, Margra Lamb is ideal for healthconscious diners, having been proven to have significantly higher health benefits than other red meats namely, high levels of EPA and source levels of omega-3. It should be noted that this occurs naturally, without the need to feed the sheep supplements that would artificially boost these levels. A fine texture and mild aroma contribute to a silky mouthfeel and clean palate after eating.

Fagerman Farm imports from Australia this new lamb breed. Eating lamb is known to have many health benefits, although it fails to impress the palate. Margra, not only multiplies the health benefits of lamb, but has superb flavor and preferable texture.While this base flock is establishing itself in and around the US, they are working with top notch ranches in Australia to provide this product now. They are excited to offer one of the best tasting and healthiest red meat sources in the world to fellow Americans. Travelscore Magazine score rate for this product is 20/20.

Fagerman Farm is located at Hartselle , Alabama  35640