A Tuscan Dream in America

On March 2020 the magazine had to temporarily shut down its activity due to the Pandemic. We couldn't go around to rate and review restaurants or luxury hotels as before. Only recently Travelscore Magazine publisher decided to move on an experimental and totally new path related only to USA. We are talking about the possibility to create your own restaurant gourmet menu at home. Indeed many companies which used to supply their selected food to restaurants had to turn their business also to home delivery. We have tried for you a very limited but excellent selection among those.


"Sogno Toscano" means "Tuscan Dream" and is a great Italian food supplier which can deliver their great imported products right at your door. We tested just a small selection of them, but being Italians it was enough to understand the philosophy behind their brand. The pics are just a part of the tested items you can buy online, but we can surely confirm the rate score of Travelscore Magazine is a full 20/20.

If you would like to watch for some Italian recipes made with these products they are at this page here

The company invests heavily in research and follows the production from A to Z. Throughout the year, they scour each unique region to select the best Italian cooking ingredients and cosmetics. This is valuable addition to what they cultivate at their estate in Bolgheri, Tuscany. For each of Sogno Toscano Italian cooking ingredients and cosmetic products, they perform rigorous laboratory testing, sampling, and tasting by award-winning chefs. They develop the spec sheets, packaging and lot selection as well as monitor the loading, withdrawal and the container closure with our safety seal. All of the products are GMO-free and their suppliers are certified to distribute by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) regulations.