Luciano Monosilio and his Cucina Italiana in Rome Italy

April 6th is "Carbonara Day" and we decided to publish this highlight about Michelin Starred Chef "Luciano Monosilio" who is actually the king of "Pasta Carbonara" which he proudly shares his own signature recipe. We have been in September 2018 to his brand new restaurant in Roma, Italy. It's simply called "Luciano Cucina Italiana" and he opened it few days before our visit. Location is in the middle of the eternal city in Piazza del Teatro di Pompeo 18, very close to Campo de' Fiori and not distant from Piazza Navona. He was waiting for us to show this unique and authentic place and concept that he intends to spread around the world. He left the life of the Starred Chef and lots of accomplishments just to go back to the real authentic pasta recipes starting from the Roma's tradition. Of course he made it in a lighter and modern style that his clients love. The pasta is all daily made on site with proud and quality, and you can immediately feel the difference, but you have to eat it properly, in other words "al dente".

He had the brilliant idea to go back for what people craved more; simple, good made food, fresh and healthy, with that special touch that only a great chef is able to add. Prices though are very reasonable and convenient too for the quality and the experience offered. So we had a tasting dinner just for us on one of the outside "al fresco" tables. It was still quite early before lots of people were going to pack it therefore we had the time to enjoy the menu. The dinner started with his fun box that you will find right on the table where you get all you need to dine... forks, knives, spoons, glass, etc.

We then tried his signature "Carbonara" that he serves with its attached recipe, followed by "Cacio e Pepe and Amatriciana pastas. We also had an amazing "Carpaccio d'Agnello" (Raw Lamb Carpaccio in Brine Pecorino Cheese, Cooked Must and Crunchy Seaweed) and one of those very good pizzas made by the awarded and young rising star Elio Santosuosso, pizzaiolo contest winner in 2015 (though since 2019 his pizza isn't in Luciano's menu anymore). All was paired by a nice local draft wine and we finally ended up with a great dessert: A special original version of "Tiramisù" where the espresso coffee is inside a ball of chocolate that you crush with the spoon and then all the delicious mix drowns the underneath cookies.

Luciano Monosilio Signature Spaghetti Carbonara with its attached recipe
Mezze Maniche Amatriciana
Tonnarelli Cacio e Pepe

Carpaccio d' Agnello (Raw Lamb Carpaccio in Brine Pecorino Cheese, Cooked Must and Crunchy Seaweed)

Pizza Costiera by Pizzaiolo Elio Santosuosso (not in menu anymore)

This tasting experience was from September 2018 and by then Luciano introduced other new dishes and he cut the pizza area to have more room for the new menu. He is doing really great and our final score is 20/20. We first met him at 2014 edition of "Girotonno" in Carloforte, Italy and already there he prepared a wonderful red tuna dish. We truly hope to see him opening soon a branch of his restaurant and concept here in USA. Until then Happy Carbonara Day!

Michelin Starred Chef Luciano Monosilio

AddressPiazza del Teatro di Pompeo, 18, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Highlight and Pics by Luca Centoni