Pizza Time in St. Augustine,FL. Best Slice in USA

It's always "Pizza Time" in St. Augustine Florida! Domenico (the owner) makes the 2nd Best ranked pizza in US according with TripAdvisor reviews. He is a true Italian native guy who knows his job and the importance of the ingredients,too. His pizza is exactly like an Italian pizza made in the original country. We are Italians too and so we can confirm that!!

Every time we have the chance to stop in St. Augustine we go there and taste authentic stuff, having some conversation with him (in Italian of course!). Because it's by the slice you can try many different Italian styles, and of course also the Brooklyn NYC Pizza. My fav is the white one, with true Italian cheese that really tastes a lot better then anything else you can find around here.

The dough is crispy and nice and he makes it thin or thick style, always cooked to perfection

Because Americans like it he prepares also "Garlic knots", though Italians don't even know them!

His guys learnt from him how to handle a pizza dough in the Italian way, making some show,too

 The shop is located in the main street of the oldest town in USA, where you can still walk without a car, having a sensation to be in the old Europe. This surely adds more authenticity to the place in itself, not to mention the Italian music and the video that you can hear and watch while you eat.

Finally his tomatoes sauces aren't from concentrate but from fresh, juicy and unique Italian production that have to be tasted to understand the difference. Dough is important but ingredients are too!!! How many times you have tried a good pizza dough but then the flavor of the topping wasn't so good and healthy? So it's simple... a great authentic Italian pizza is made of few, but essential, aspects that most people around here don't even care about. But if over a thousand of reviewers voted "excellent" on TripAdvisor... well that must be at least true. Indeed we tried and say yes it is!

Highlight by Luca Centoni

Picture by Maria Grazia Sanfelice