Guy Bremond the Wine King in Chateauneuf du Pape

Guy Bremond Master Sommelier (on the right) and the chef Jean-Claude Altmayer (on the left)

We traveled in the top wine kingdom of the world precisely in Chateauneuf du Pape, France. There we met the master sommelier Guy Bremond and his chef Jean-Claude Altmayer of la Cave-Saint-Charles. We wanted to try their concept that they successfully exported in USA.

Basically, if you travel to France, you can book and go here having a wonderful wine tasting and even trying a culinary gourmet experience at the chef's table. But if you can't travel, well they can come to your house and do it there! Yes you can, just go on their website and you can book in advance the event for you and your friends.

Guy Bremond restored this beautiful and ancient cellar dated since the Templars age. It was part of the castle over it and now, after eight years of hard work of restoration, it is again a wonderful place where you can sip several wines from the area and fully understanding with his deep knowledge and explanations.

He selected several wines of his choice from the most interesting vineyards of the area and he served each one of them with a special decanter that he personally invented. It's like a huge glass that can be swirled before to pour the precious nectar in your tasting glass. All it happens in front of you meanwhile a relaxing candle light gives a fairy atmosphere and you can also feel the history that is still living in those aged walls.

Guy is really a passionate connoisseur and, although we had a lot of worldwide experiences with others like him, we have to admit that he proposes the wines as a painter would drawn his masterpiece; in other words he is a true sommelier artist.

Mr.Bremond lives into the up floors where he builded his own home nestled right into the wall of the chateau and with a view of the river Rhone valley.

Having always been destined for the culinary profession, over the course of his studies Guy Brémond fell in love with wine. At the age of 17, when working Relais & Châteaux alongside of André Chabert (who at that time led the Château de Rochegude), Guy tasted a Fonsalette '69 and a Rayas '76. From that moment on, his fate was sealed.

He threw himself into his wine studies, which led him to great success. He was spotted by a delegation of Chefs Sommeliers then was recruited by the legendary Hôtel Richemond in Geneva, one of the jewels of luxury hotel sector in the 1980s. At the age of 24, he became Head Sommelier, a rare responsibility at such a young age. He remained at the hotel for 8 years, before participating in the opening of the ultra-luxurious Grand Hôtel du Parc in Gstaad, where he spent a further 7 years.

After spending some time in China, and feeling somewhat homesick for his native land in Vaucluse, Guy returned to his Provencal roots. Thanks to an innovative idea, he became a pioneer of wine tourism; he was the first to open a 'multi-chateaux' wine cellar offering the tasting and sale of the best vintages of Châteauneuf-du-Pape.

Several successful years later, he acquired some magnificent cellars dating from the 13th Century, a stone's throw from the château. Although completely dilapidated, he saw their potential and had the courage and vision to tackle the monumental challenge of restoring them to their former glory; no small feat as the renovation works ultimately took 8 years to complete. He finally succeeded in transforming the cellars entirely into a spectacularly beautiful place.

Les Caves Saint Charles

10 Rue des Papes,
84230 Châteauneuf-du-Pape, France

Highlight by Paolo Emilio Centoni

Pictures by Luca Centoni