Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa World Fastest Climber of Mt.Everest

This time it's really a very different and special article with a video interview, because this guy, Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa, is the world's record holder for "Fastest Ascent of Mount Everest", indeed he made it in only 10 hours 56 minutes and 46 seconds, on May 26 2003. Lhakpa Gelu climbed it for other fifteen times, including other famous high peaks in the whole planet. Yes he is a professional climber but he runs also a restaurant at the foot of Mt. Rainier in Washington State, USA.  The "Wild Berry" is an Himalayan restaurant located in the small village of Ashford,WA and it has an amazing and authentic menu.

He and his wife Fulamu, and their family recreated a pure Himalayan atmosphere and ambiance in this quiet and beautiful corner of the north west of USA. Every single dish and even the Lassi drink are made freshly in the morning. It's also very popular among the regular tourists and of course, the climbers. In the winter time they close it to run the other restaurant that they own in KhariKhola, Nepal.

Sherpa housewives ensure that their husbands are well fed and nourished before they leave for their strenuous work at the mountains. Indeed the staple foods of Himalayan Sherpas are loaded with healthy nutrients that provide satiety for their long day. Therefore also the Mt. Rainier climbers find in this place the perfect meal for their  excursions and hikers too. Let's have a close look to the "Himalayan Special" menu offered here at the "Wild Berry". Of course they offer also the regular American classics but we wanted absolutely try the authentic food of Nepal.

The dish you see above is called "Thali" and it takes its name from a whole meal in one traditional Nepali plate which is served with a choice of curry, jasmine rice, Nepali bread, mixed pickle, mixed veggies and a bowl of lentils soup. 

The "Momo" is another delicious dish which consists of two different versions (vegetarian or with pork) steamed dumplings filled with minced carrots, cabbage, tofu, green peas, onions, garlic and Himalayan spices. Meanwhile the other version is with pork, garlic, ginger, cilantro, onion and Himalayan spices. Both versions have the stuffing wrapped in a rolled dough using a special technique.

The mango "Lassi" is the delicious drink paired with this kind of food. But it's amazing also as simple drink. It's a traditional yogurt and mango based beverage. They also have Himalayan tea, regular sodas and shakes. A particular mention of their "Blueberry Pie" served with vanilla ice cream which
is also very special and a must to try.

A little shop for hikers and tourists to protect them from the cold completes the restaurant offer including the memorabilia hanged on the wall illustrating "Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa" records.

Journalist Luca Centoni with Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa
I interviewed Lhakpa Gelu and in video he explains us what exactly are his activities at this time, including his past achievements.

In Summer Lhakpa Gelu Sherpa takes people to climb the Mt. Rainier and it's something you shouldn't really miss! It takes some few days and everybody can do it.

37718 WA-706,Ashford, WA 98304,USA



article, pictures and interview by Luca Centoni