St.Patrick Day 2015 at "Two Fools Tavern" in Albuquerque

A great St. Patrick day at "Two Fools Tavern" located 3211 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106. We arrived around 6pm and already a long line was in place. Everybody coming out was happy enough to let us understand they had such a great time inside. Indeed when we finally entered and had promptly a nice table in the the middle of the room, we fall in love with this authentic Irish pub.

The waiter has been truly nice and efficient. He took us some beers sample to try before the final order. Off course they all were from Ireland.

We had Scotch Eggs other times but not light and delicious as these ones you see in the picture.

Chips & Sourdough Bread dipped into a fresh home made Blue Cheese sauce were spectacular and mouthwatering. We had all this just before a serious portion of Brisket with cabbage, potatoes, and traditional stewed veggies. Off course their "menu" is rich of many other dishes.

Bagpipes music was spreading around the room performed by great guys traditionally dressed who gave the final touch to the atmosphere.

We definitively recommend a stop to this place in the middle of New Mexico, conveniently located on Route 66! There are few Irish pubs in this state and surely this is the best one. Our final score on Pub category is 20/20 for quality of food, service, ambiance and prices.

  1. Low-key alehouse for Irish food & drink amid a traditional dark-wood setting with a stone fireplace.
  2. Address: 3211 Central Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

article/highlight by Luca Centoni

pictures by Maria Grazia Sanfelice