"Waco Taco" Best Innovative Mexican Food in Orlando

It's the end of the year and, as usual, we assigned the best ethnic food in Orlando Metro area. So for 2015 our highest score in this category goes to "Waco Taco" in Longwood (Orlando North).
A group of nice young latin guys which are doing really great about Mexican food innovation.

Everything is made fresh in front of you and in a "gourmet" style including an awesome presentation for a ready to go dish. Their "Menu" includes all the Mexican classics, such as Tacos trio, Chimichangas (our favorite), Burritos, Gourmet Nacho Chips, plus a special pork recipe (the Cochinita Pibil or Pibil Pork). It's truly delicious and a must to try!!! Our advice when you order is to ask any recipe loaded with "Everything"..... don't worry...they will understand!

Salsas and condiments are always home made, including pico de gallo and quickly cooked in a friendly, colored and casual environment.

They make also a quite unique dessert recipe that is perfect to try at the very end of a meal. The heart of it is chocolate and the topping is a real surprise.

The good of this place is that it's directly connected with the "Hourglass Brewery" a further gem which locally produces new craft beers every month. So you can have some good sodas at "Waco Taco" or you can pair your order with amazing beers, being served at the tables on both sides of this building. "Eat more Tacos" here and you'll be in the heaven of a new, light, delicious Mexican Food!

Hightlight by Luca Centoni

Pictures by Maria Grazia Sanfelice 


The "Canyons Boutique Hotel" in Kanab Utah

Utah is probably the most beautiful and attractive state of the South West of USA. You can be surprised how sophisticated can be an accommodation in the middle of this wild place. We are talking of Kanab city, the perfect point to visit everything around this area. The "Canyons Boutique Hotel" is the place to go for a special treat.

Luxury styled rooms and a stunning hall make this hotel a gem in the desert among the canyons.

Very close to the hotel there is a fantastic gourmet place which name is the "Rocking V Cafe"  we tried fantastic trouts recipes that you wouldn't expect in a remote place of the west.

Out of Kanab simply everything is a must to see! But we highlight for you the "Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park" also famous for many movies filmed here, including some "Star Wars" scenes.

Highlight by Luca Centoni

Pictures by Maria Grazia Sanfelice


Tombstone Virgil's Corner B&B

The Best address to spend the night in Tombstone, AZ is the "Virgil's Corner B&B". We have visited it several times in the last four years and is always a pleasure to live the experience in that home that belonged to Virgil Earp.

Beautiful and very clean themed rooms will let you live for a night or more in the western Era. Then after a bath in the styled tub you'll be ready for the home made breakfast. The night you can seat around a fire pit to tell your story and making marsh mellow.

For the evening dinner we recommend you two legendary places on the main street: The "Crystal Palace" and the "Big Nose Kate's Saloon" with amazing dishes and entertainment.

Tombstone, The Earp and Clayton families legend are waiting for you, so don't miss this!!

Highlight by Luca Centoni

Pictures by Maria Grazia Sanfelice


Houseboat Florida's St. Johns River Holly Bluff Marina

Florida is a great destination for houseboats! On St. Johns River you can cruise for a whole week even up to Jacksonville starting from "Holly Bluff Marina" near the city of DeLand.

A family company which run this business for more then twenty years and earned all the experiences in this field.

We tried the experience for a week-end, unfortunately the first day we had some rain, but this was even a better occasion to live the houseboat comfort, hanging out, cooking and truly having lots of fun!

This is the perfect kind of relaxing vacation you can have with the whole family. We had with us even a baby girl who was so excited to be on board together with two other friends.

The "Southern Belle" is a fantastic boat with top notch features. It's really a floating apartment which despite its size can approach the river's banks almost everywhere.

In some period of the year (winter) you even watch the Manatee at the Blue Springs State Park

A magnificent natural environment that can be considered the essence of the Central Florida

Fishing is a great opportunity along the cruise because this region has an incredible variety of species

The southern spirit is everywhere around here. You can relax under an old charming porch of a traditional colonial and historic house right inside the State Park.

When hungry we have the pleasure to cook our own meal on board of the houseboat. The first day we made a nice "Brisket" (corned beef) with its veggies around. No it wasn't St. Patrick day and we aren't Irish but we love it!!

The dining room is incredibly big and over its roof you could even have a party with lots of friends!

In the evening we approach to the "Swamp House Riverfront Grill" where you can eat everything southern style, including blackened or fried gator and Jambalaya Florida Style with Fried Green Tomatoes.

The day next we get on board our friends and we do a smooth cruise in a sunny and warm winter day making a very nice BBQ brunch all together.

We spent the rest of the Sunday drinking and relaxing doing birdwatching and exploring the beautiful St.Johns river most secluded areas.

We finally return to Holly Bluff Marina where we rented the houseboat totally satisfied of this enjoyable kind of vacation and we certainly recommend it to everyone cause it worth every single dollar! Better if you do as a family reunion or with friends, but if you are a couple there are smaller a nice boats as well.

article and pictures by Luca Centoni