Raglan Road Pub Still Rocks on the Stage for St.Patrick

Today was St.Patrick and the Raglan Road Irish Pub in Orlando Florida turned on the lights on its stage more then usually because there was lot of entertainment going on the last three days. The food was still good but with some up an down. We noticed that some nice flights such as the desserts and the beers were not available this year. They told us the bar was too busy for make those too. Also the Irish Eggs were gone since the morning. We were not disappointed by the show because it has been really great. Good musicians and dancers were the real protagonists of the dinner.

The good was also the performance outside the pub meanwhile long lines of people were waiting to enter in. This place is still the best to spend the St. Paddy day in all the town.

We filmed some short video for you just to give you an idea of the show between 8 to 9 pm but the music was going in on for all day and the beer too.

Also the little ones had their own chance to be on the stage to dance and exhibit themselves

Luckily for the clients these guys are there not only for St. Patrick day but along the whole year.

"Chunky Monk"

Regarding the dinner, some dark Irish bread was served with its dip as amuse en bouche. From the menu we have  tried the fried "Chunky Monk" with its sauce and it was ok and so it was the "Smokey City" this years served in a nice pot. Paired with a Glass of Guiness.

"Smokey City"

Then as main dish we had the "Boaring Burger" and the "Cider Salmon". These two items were unfortunately under our expectations.

"Boaring Burger"

"Cider Salmon"

Finally the desserts that were served not as shots samples (that is the actual trend almost everywhere) like last year but entirely. The pairing was a glass of Irish "Bunratty Meade". The "Fluffy Lemon Clouds" was amazing as usual and it worth the visit on its own. A real winner of the desserts. The "Trifle Sinful" that we liked a lot last year instead was not absolutely at the same level and was completely unbalanced in the taste. For this St. Patrick 2019 edition the Raglan Road Pub score is at 15/20 for the dinner, but it's definitively 20/20 for the show quality.

"Fluffy Lemon Clouds"

"Trifle Sinful"
"Bunratty Meade"

Raglan Road Irish Pub
Located in: Disney Springs
Address1640 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830

highlight and pictures by Luca Centoni