"Aroma" authentic Indian Food Restaurant, Lake Mary, FL.

Looking for authentic Indian food in Lake Mary,Florida ? Well "Aroma" is definitively the right address!

The owner Mr. Srinivas Jarugula and his beautiful family will warmly welcome you offering the very best and traditional recipes from their country. Don’t be afraid to try the dishes we personally tested on Feb. 2015. It’s ideal for family even with small kids who enjoy the exotic variety of flavors not overwhelming you, at all, with spicy or too hot sensations. Naturally they will give you the choice to have your orders low, mild, hot or even authentic Indian spicy way ! This is a plus in a scenario of ethnic restaurants that are just americanized in their offer, without any chance to try the original countries experience. But let’s start with our menu tasting. A "Tandoori Chicken” made at state of the art!

We were truly impressed by the quality of this dish that very often, around US, you find it dry or overcooked. This one we had was very tender, juicy and tasty! Just before that we have got a full selection of warm naan well baked at the moment to match with true Indian fresh made sauces.

The following dishes were “the Chicken Tikka Masala”, “the Chicken Korma” and the most classic “Chicken Curry” with the traditional sides such as “Basmati rice”, “Papadum” and “Samosa" 

"Aroma" had great articles and participated at all the most important events in Orlando since 2012. You might find on the web some isolated review cases made by colleagues who clearly didn’t have any idea of what they were writing about. We barely refer to them as “colleagues”! You need to travel the whole world and have good mental attitudes to deeply understand other cultures and make consequent comparisons and reviews. Yes you will find some bad notes about the simplicity of the ambiance in this restaurant. There are people who care only about this and other who are focused, like us, on quality, authenticity, taste and freshness of the food. Place it’s clean and people warm so if you look for India this is the address, otherwise go somewhere else to get fake Indian food which taste just as all the average Americans dishes. Go to eat and you will enjoy the quality and the Indian tradition. You can have beer off course, but most likely, we suggest you to order an excellent Indian Tea that match perfectly with these recipes. Sunday it has also a brunch at incredible prices.

article and pictures by Luca Centoni