Renaud Darmanin is "Chef of the Year" 2019

Michelin Starred Chef Renaud Darmanin
It is December and, as you all know, this is the month of Travelscore Magazine "Chef of the Year " nomination and vote. This has been a special one because it has been assigned after exactly ten years from the foundation of this Magazine. Therefore it is a very important release for all our staff and readers. The title of "Chef of the Year 2019" goes to "Chef Renaud Darmanin" of the Restaurant "Auberge de la Tour" in Cantal, France. Renaud is already well known by our staff as we dedicated him an article in 2018 when he had already a nomination but he didn't make it for few votes. This year we went back to his Michelin starred restaurant on May and we had further great impressions from his gourmet menu growth. The vote was again a 20/20 but with an extra value about the whole experience. We started with a fresh aperitif welcome outdoor of his restaurant, followed by the gourmet courses in the main indoor dining room, with a superlative service and lots of fresh products coming directly from the fantastic countryside that surrounds Marcolés.

Meanwhile the course was going on, we went into Renaud Darmanin's kitchen and we find out a great team helping him setting up the dishes and finalizing them ready to go to the tables. He personally came out to introduce us every single gourmet creation.

As usual we had the choice of a great variety of local cheeses this region is famous for, just before the original gourmet dessert he had created this year.

Some petit dessert and a digestive drink completed this gourmet experience and we were light and delighetd even more then the previous year.

We also want to highlight the breakfast served at "Auberge de la Tour" because it is really a very good one and so here are few sample pictures of just some of all the available items.

Chef Renaud Darmanin

AddressPLACE DE LA FONTAINE, 15220 Marcolès, France
Phone: +33 4 71 46 99 15

highlight and pictures by Luca Centoni


Château de la Râpée the Address in Normandy, France

"Château de la Râpée" is a wonderful and typic Norman manor house that will host you in the middle of the beautiful countryside of Normandy, in France. You can delight your palate with an authentic dinner course made with local ingredients or going outside for a horse riding or visiting the close historic towns of Gisor and Rouen.

Room 15 and its large private terrace

If instead you would like just to relax in one of the romantic and cozy rooms, on the upper floors, facing the green park there are plenty of accommodations of this kind.

Room 15

Going downstairs, for dinner, you will be accommodated in the external covered veranda which has a stunning view as well. The menu is various and depends on the day. We had a really local good meal and we decide to try the following dishes.

                                           Truffled Eggs
Classique escargots à l’ail et au persil en sept petits godets
Double Côte de cochon cuite doucement en sautoir, gratin normand

Cocotte de rognon de veau sauté sauce porto

first paired wine
second paired wine
Crêpes normandes au sabayon de cidre

Le douillon, crème double et caramel au beurre salé
In the morning they serve also a very good breakfast and overall the final price is good and affordable. We recommend this place for romantic trips, not far from Paris and Rouen. A must if you go through Normandy.

AddressLieu dit, La Rapée, 27140 Bazincourt-sur-Epte, France
Phone+33 2 32 55 11 61

Highlight by Paolo Emilio Centoni

Pictures by Luca Centoni


Medieval Dinner in Rennes Le Chateau at l'Antre Temps

"Rennes-Le-Château" one of the most visited village in the world. We came in 2018 and this year we wanted to try a special event that, if you are lucky enough, you might also have the chance to attend it at the local French restaurant "L' Antre-Temps". The resident chef "Lucie Robin" will delight your palates with unusual dishes and ancient recipes for food and wine, too.

They serve this particular dinner with sauces on a special bread they prepare for the occasion that works as a plate, too.

Then there are these delicious little breads filled with mushrooms, ham and other deliciousness.

The main dish is all about poultry served with dried fruit on the bread-plate and paired with the other ingredients and the sauces.

It's truly a different experience, a must try because you will not easily find around these historically authentic recipes, prepared by a skillful chef as Lucie Robin. We came previously in order to try their regular dishes, which are various and always different each single day, because based uniquely on the local fresh market.

So what else then make a toast to this unique place, surrounded by an incredible history, with a glass of medieval wine made in place?

AddressGrand Rue, 11190 Rennes-le-Château, France

highlight and pics by Luca Centoni