Medieval Dinner in Rennes Le Chateau at l'Antre Temps

"Rennes-Le-Château" one of the most visited village in the world. We came in 2018 and this year we wanted to try a special event that, if you are lucky enough, you might also have the chance to attend it at the local French restaurant "L' Antre-Temps". The resident chef "Lucie Robin" will delight your palates with unusual dishes and ancient recipes for food and wine, too.

They serve this particular dinner with sauces on a special bread they prepare for the occasion that works as a plate, too.

Then there are these delicious little breads filled with mushrooms, ham and other deliciousness.

The main dish is all about poultry served with dried fruit on the bread-plate and paired with the other ingredients and the sauces.

It's truly a different experience, a must try because you will not easily find around these historically authentic recipes, prepared by a skillful chef as Lucie Robin. We came previously in order to try their regular dishes, which are various and always different each single day, because based uniquely on the local fresh market.

So what else then make a toast to this unique place, surrounded by an incredible history, with a glass of medieval wine made in place?

AddressGrand Rue, 11190 Rennes-le-Château, France

highlight and pics by Luca Centoni