Dumpling Bar in Roma is the Best Chinese Food in Italy

Chinese Dim-Sum Makers

We have been around the world for decades eating a lot a different kind of food. Along our Roma's press trip we had the chance to try something absolutely new for Italy. We are talking about the "Dumpling Bar" of the Italian Chef Gianni Catani. Well the experience was totally unexpected and full of good surprises. What we were most impressed was the goodness and the amazing variety that was presented in front of us. In other words this was the best dim sum tasting we ever had in our career. Could you believe it? It was way better then any other you can find even in San Francisco's Chinatown.

Chef Gianni Catani in his Restaurant

We were there last September and we did not programmed to go until the very end, luckily we did because we would have really loose a lot. Everything was so delicious and fresh made at the moment. Service was very good too.

They started taking their five home made sauces including Soy Sauce (Soy, Ginger, Vinegar, Sesam Oil) Bitter-Sweet Sauce (Tomato, Vinegar,Water, Sugar) Beijing Sauce(Housin Sauce, Peanuts Butter, EVO) Red Curry Sauce (Red Curry, Sesame Oil) Hot Sauce (Chili Sauce, Sesame Oil, Ginger).The pairing with the dishes was awesome. We also ordered their delicious tea selection but if you like you can have a craft beer from a very nice brewery which name is "Oxiana".

The great thing of this place is about the variety of their menu which change weekly introducing original and traditional Chinese recipes that you will never find in other part of Italy. Moreover the dough is made fresh every hour with the simple use of water and flour. Our favorites were the dim-sum filled with broth. Though the filling can be made with pork, lamb, scallions, bell peppers, Shiitake mushrooms, chicken, bamboo and sauerkrauts.

Gianni Catani has joined this dream project, now a reality, with his Chinese mentor Jing Shan. Together they intend to let the Italian public understand the authentic Chinese food. It's not a surprise that the travelers from any other nation appreciate so much this true concept. In the menu you can find not only dumplings but also many other recipes.

Our final score for the "Dumpling Bar" is a 20/20 and we strongly recommend it when you are in Rome. Indeed you will not find another location as this one in the capitol neither in the rest of Italy. Gianni Catani toke the Chinese cooking tradition to another level in Italy and even worldwide, that level makes the difference between the real gourmet and the ordinary.

Chef Gianni Catani

Restaurant Dumpling Bar
AddressPiazza Antonio Meucci, 1, 00193 Roma RM, Italy

Highlight and Pictures by Luca Centoni