Between the Lot and Dordogne Rivers

Saint-Cirq-Lapopie a small, quaint and perched village on the cliffs facing the Lot river in France is the place where you will find the "La Table du Producteur" spot.

We would define it as the heaven of the "Foie Gras" because they have a great variety of it and they produce it themselves also hosting guests at their tasting tables.

The products are local and natural with an excellent price considering their quality.

La Table du Producteur by Michel Monteil is a must stop visit in this beautiful small village. It's not only a boutique gourmand but also a food cultural place were to acknowledge you about the true "terroir products" of this unique part of France.

Chemin de Alage from Cabrerets to Saint-Cirque-Lapopie
Another wonderful locations is a bit north west at about less then one hour from it and its name is Loubressac.
It's also very well known because, like the previous one, it's another of "one of the most beautiful and charming villages of France".

Loubressac has a stunning view over the Dordogne river valley. When we were there there was a fantastic T-storm and the sky became orange and yellow.

We finally decided to eat and sleep at "Logis Hotel Lou Cantou" located in the center of the village and we had a local meal made with fresh products, meanwhile we were admiring the amazing colors over the Dordogne valley.

"La Table du Producteur"

Rue du Sombral | Rue descendant à l'eglise46330 Saint-Cirq Lapopie, France
+33 5 65 22 18 3

"Logis Hotel Lou Cantou"
Address46130 Loubressac, France

highlight by Paolo Emilio Centoni

pictures by Luca Centoni