"Girotonno 2014 Cooking Match" Italy, Japan and France are finalist, Spain and Brazil lost the semi-finals

Quite a clash between the Spanish chefs Alba Esteve Ruiz and the Japanese Haruo Ichikawa at the second semi-final of the international cuisine at the “ Girotonno 2014.” The jury delivered a final opinion in favor of Japan , who presented a very attractive dish the “M-Iyo Burger”, which surely impressed the two juries. 

Meanwhile Spain has played towards to the sophistication of the so called "Ossobuco di Tonno" recipe, surprisingly using the waste raw material of the red tuna , such as the spine and the parties related to this. Undoubtedly a great dish full of color with a wild nature twist.

"Ossobuco di Tonno" the Spanish recipe
“M-Yyo Burger” the Japanese recipe
The rising sun country's flag has been inspired and led by Chef Ichikawa with his past experience in Los Angeles which influenced him as well the traveling around different continents.

Chef Haruo Ichikawa (Japan) and Chef Alba Esteve Ruiz (Spain) on the stage

We have continued to follow, with interest ,the presentation of the American chef “Timothy Magee”, regarding his BBQ ribs of Sardinian “Porceddu” (a variety of babe Sardinian pork) then replaced inexplicably, by simple slices of a bigger pork .

It has been told by the chef that, because S.Peter is a small island, it was not easy to find a great quantities of “Porceddu” to satisfy the audience seated at the “Cavallera Theatre” in Carloforte (Carlisle).

US chef “Timothy Magee” will probably return on the scene tonight to participate, after his elimination during the first round, for one the further prize awarded by the journalist’s jury.

Italy Vs. Brazil:
The next phase saw the elimination of Brazil Vs. Italy. Unfortunately, for reasons related to the local organization of the event, at this time we could not participate to vote as jury for this last semi-final session. The Anglo-Saxon foreign press, including USA, England and the Netherlands which found themselves in a “not comfortable” situation when they entered, with embarrassment, in the tasting area and no seats were available at the tables. Those who have been lucky enough to get a seat couldn’t use the specific tools to express the scores for evaluation. Personally I have seen my English colleague carrying me the dish presented by the Italian chefs. This same guy was able to make his tasting at the table, but was totally unable to vote ( if we can say) either then use his thumbs up like the ancient Romans emperors. It seemed that the problem concerned about the priority given to the paying tickets respect to the, normally attributed procedures, to the press representatives invited by the authorities and the organizzazione. In any case, this has prevented us to be able about express an assessment for “ Travelscore Magazine” readers. We apologize then if we  missed the opinion on the match between Brazil and Italy. Therefore, at this time, we are expecting to be in the conditions to participate at the final cooking match, on Sunday 1st, where Italy’s team will be present and then be able to describe the merits or demerits of the competitors.

The video below introduce the cooking match as shown in Italian television.

article by Luca Centoni, pictures by Maria Grazia Sanfelice