The Secret Places Where to Eat Well in Aude, France

This article is going to be different from the previous ones because we will introduce three places in the department of Aude in South of France. We will start with the restaurant "L'Antre-Temps" (which translated would be "in the meanwhile") owned by the chef Lucie Robin Manfield. It is located in Rennes-le-Chateau a very small village on which have been published hundreds of books worldwide because of its famous mysteries. In these few lines we want just to highlight this unique restaurant which propose "every single day" a different menu. Lucie has been working in Michelin starred restaurants and so, in her simplicity, she is absolutely a great chef of his own. Meanwhile her husband is a super nice guy who serves at the tables and occasionally entertain the guests.

Chef Lucie Robin Mansfield

We had a wonderful dinner experience about the menu of that day which included a truffle cocotte, a well pan seared duck breast and Floating Island for dessert, all paired with a nice house and local wine.

Not far from Rennes-le-Chateau there is another place where the truffle is king. We are talking of the  "Atelier Barrière Truffes" in Carcassonne, the famous medieval town in the middle of the Aude.

Philippe Barrière is the owner of this Truffle heaven and he will delight you with (actually he will spoil you) which his wonderful seasonal truffle creations. Before that he will introduce you to the free tasting of several local wines (we found this practice amazing) until you will find your favorites. Rather then comment here we definitively prefer give the words to the images we made and to the short introduction of the nice and funny Philippe, who is among the biggest expert of truffles worldwide.

It was a full dinner all with truffle and local wines. We absolutely recommend it if you are in the town of Carcassonne which is always magic as a fairy tail is.

Last but not least there is a final place that we want to highlight for another famous dish of this region. We are talking of the "Cassoulet" made with local Tarbes beans, Duck and Goose confits, Toulose sausage, Ventréche (a sort of local pork belly) and other ingredients. The town of Castelnaudary is the capital of this ancient recipe and we have tested one on the best in town: the restaurant "la Belle Epoque".

To end up this typical local meal we were served a Floating Island which was very nice as well
The Aude is a great destination for the history, the food and of course the wine and it's definitively worths a visit.


Address: Grand Rue,
11190 Rennes-le-Château, 
Reservations: michelin.fr
Phone: +33 9 53 30 96 73

L’atelier de la truffe

51, rue Trivalle
11000 Carcassonne
Phone: +33 4 68 25 92 65

La Belle Époque

Address: 55 Rue du Général Dejean, 
11400 Castelnaudary, 
Phone: +33 4 68 23 39 72

Highlight by Paolo Emilio Centoni

Pictures by Luca Centoni


La Belle Étoile in Perigord on Dordogne River

This is a very famous location for well known movies set like "Chocolat", "Le Visiteurs" and many others. But we were here for one reason: to test la "Belle Etoile" Restaurant and Hotel. We will start describing the beautiful riverside where our beautiful modern room had the magnificent view, directly on the slow flowing waters of the Dordogne. We are in the village of "La Roque-Gageac".

The place is tranquil and peaceful with lots of things to do and see around. It's certainly a special spot for romantic couples but also for families who love activities and history.

All the village and the hotel restaurant are builded against the rocky natural walls of the cliff located behind it. It's also a very nice night walk to do before or after dinner.

Before dinner we went back to our beautiful suite and then we tried the restaurant just next to it.

Modern, cozy and affordable, not to mention the wonderful view of the Dordogne river.

Chef Régis Ongaro owns this place, indeed at least four generations of his family have been working here. Also the great attention that get showered on the food is apparent in the hotel's service where it's clear that guest's comfort is a priority. He made a very nice dinner course that we scored 18/20. The restaurant is also highlighted by the Michelin guide.

It's a very traditional and regional kitchen. The dishes are of a very high standard and also with a distinct innovative touch. The breakfast is also nice and it's served in an elegant saloon or in the outside patio facing the river Dordogne.

24250 LA ROQUE-GAGEAC - France
Tel. +33 553 295 144 - Fax +33 553 294 563
Email: hotel.belle-etoile@wanadoo.fr

highlight by Paolo Emilio Centoni

pictures by Luca Centoni