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Italian Chef Luigi Pomata "the King of Tuna"

Chef Luigi Pomata - the King of Tuna

Italian Chef Luigi Pomata (aka the King of Tuna) what's NEXT our opinion? Well, first of all we are not just talking only about one of his three restaurants, located next to each other (with different menu and food style each one) in Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy. What we are thinking at this time it's that he deserves at least one Michelin star, but in our perspective even two. Luigi Pomata signature restaurant has his name right in the title. He owns and runs also the "Bistrot" and the "Next". We have been testing the "Luigi Pomata" for dinner and the "Next"  at lunch. The first one is impeccable not only for the wonderful and original dishes but also for the excellent service. The second one has incredibly good pizzas, like we never had worldwide. Can't say anything ayet bout the "Bistrot" because we will try it the next time. So we will start describing the menu we had, personally prepared and introduced by the chef himself. Luigi is called the "King of Tuna" because nobody in the world is capable to cook all the parts, of a whole red tuna, as he does.

"Fritto Mediterraneo"

The "Fritto Mediterraneo" (Mediterranean fish fry) was just the start because right after this other fantastic creations came to our table:

(following the order of the pics below of this 12 course gourmet dinner)

"Pizza Croccante di Seadas con Acciuga di Cetara"
(crispy Seadas pizza with Cetara anchovies).

"Burrida da mangiare con le mani"
(traditional Sardinian dish, this one in particular, to be eaten with hands).

"Battuto di Gambero Rosso, Uovo Biologico di Gallina Livornese e Tartufo di Laconi"
(Beaten red shrimp, organic Livorno chicken egg from and Laconi's truffle).

"Insalata Russa di Mare"
(Russian seafood salad).

"Tagliolino di Semola con Crudaiola di Gamberi Rossi, Pomodorini Appassiti, Basilico, Tartufo e Limone"
(Semolina tagliolini with raw red prawns, dried tomatoes, basil, truffle and lemon).

"Gnocchi di patate di Sadali e Alghe con Vongole Affumicate, Tonno disidratata su Crema di Mozzarella"
(Sadali's potato dumplings and seaweed with smoked clams, dehydrated tuna on mozzarella cream).

"Ventresca di Tonno Rosso di Carloforte in Crosta di Pane al Prosciutto, Crema alla Senape Selvatica e Bietole"
(ventresca of Carloforte red tuna in ham bread crust , Wild mustard and chard cream).

"La Seadas va in Giappone"
(Seadas goes to Japan),

"Cremoso al Cioccolato e Basilico su Crema di Sedano con Gelato Doppia Panna"
(Creamy chocolate and basil on celery cream with double cream ice cream).

"Gelato al Latte di Capra con Ciliegie di Burcei"
(Goat milk ice cream with Burcei cherries).

"Piccola Pasticceria"
(small pastry).

The Wine selection was amazing,too. Every single dish had its own perfect pairing:


Luigi Pomata signature restaurant score is 20/20 plus. There isn't, at this time, a better place where you can find the red tuna cooked to the perfection in "all" its parts, even those you never eaten before.
He is truly the world's "King of Tuna" and it definitively worth a stop in Cagliari when you are in Italy.

By the way if you go there you can't absolutely miss "the best creative pizza" you can find in the whole country. Just go "NEXT" the the restaurant above. We gave a 20/20 to this place as well and keep in mind this is not a pizzeria but it's "the vanguard of pizza" and beyond.

These below are just very few example of what you can eat at the "Next":

"Polpette di Cozze su Cremoso di Pecora ed Erbe"
(mussel meatballs on creamy sheep and herbs),

La "Pizza Carlofortina con Tonno all’Olio Riserva di Famiglia e Crema di Basilico"
(pizza Carlofortina with tuna with oil "reserve of the family" and basil cream).

"Pizza la Parmigiana con Melanzane in Tre Consistenze e Scaglie di Parmigiano 50 Mesi"
(pizza Parmigiana with eggplants in three consistencies and Parmigiano's flakes aged 50 months). 

"Crostini, Burrata e Alici
crostini, burrata and anchovies).

Luigi Pomata Signature Restaurant
Address: Viale Regina Margherita, 18, 09124 Cagliari CA, Italy
Phone: +39 070 672058

NEXT Food & Lounge
Address: Viale Regina Margherita, 14, 09124 Cagliari CA, Italy
Phone: +39 070 654464

Highlight and Pics by Luca Centoni


Renaud Darmanin is "Chef of the Year" 2019

Michelin Starred Chef Renaud Darmanin
It is December and, as you all know, this is the month of Travelscore Magazine "Chef of the Year " nomination and vote. This has been a special one because it has been assigned after exactly ten years from the foundation of this Magazine. Therefore it is a very important release for all our staff and readers. The title of "Chef of the Year 2019" goes to "Chef Renaud Darmanin" of the Restaurant "Auberge de la Tour" in Cantal, France. Renaud is already well known by our staff as we dedicated him an article in 2018 when he had already a nomination but he didn't make it for few votes. This year we went back to his Michelin starred restaurant on May and we had further great impressions from his gourmet menu growth. The vote was again a 20/20 but with an extra value about the whole experience. We started with a fresh aperitif welcome outdoor of his restaurant, followed by the gourmet courses in the main indoor dining room, with a superlative service and lots of fresh products coming directly from the fantastic countryside that surrounds Marcolés.

Meanwhile the course was going on, we went into Renaud Darmanin's kitchen and we find out a great team helping him setting up the dishes and finalizing them ready to go to the tables. He personally came out to introduce us every single gourmet creation.

As usual we had the choice of a great variety of local cheeses this region is famous for, just before the original gourmet dessert he had created this year.

Some petit dessert and a digestive drink completed this gourmet experience and we were light and delighetd even more then the previous year.

We also want to highlight the breakfast served at "Auberge de la Tour" because it is really a very good one and so here are few sample pictures of just some of all the available items.

Chef Renaud Darmanin

AddressPLACE DE LA FONTAINE, 15220 Marcolès, France
Phone: +33 4 71 46 99 15

highlight and pictures by Luca Centoni